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People and Skills workshop

Addressing challenges shared by digital leaders around the world

This workshop helped participants to tackle some of the key challenges identified in our research, and fostered the development of relationships, networks and projects to hasten progress over future years. We used the information gathered – including a survey of participants’ views, and their comments during the 90-minute discussion – within our second Digital Leaders report.

People and skills

Wednesday 27 April 2022 (Online)

Over the last decade, many governments have created central digital teams to drive progress and support departments. And, offering good training, flexible working and a sense of purpose, they have built large workforces of junior digital professionals within line departments.

The development of in-house digital delivery teams has helped governments to shift away from the discredited model under which civil servants defined the IT system they required, then commissioned a big IT firm to build it – an approach that failed to reliably produce workable IT systems.

To improve governments’ digital delivery capabilities, however, further action is required to build career pathways, strengthen skills and boost capacity. This workshop explored the development of cross-government digital and data professions, discussing the structures, systems and powers required to introduce coherent workforce management.


Introduction and welcome

11:30 UTC

Facilitated by Matt Ross, Kevin Cunnington will welcome participants and brief them on the Global Digital Leaders Study, specifically the findings on People and Skills

[30 minutes]

Presentations and discussions

12:00 UTC

Evangeline Chua, Chief People Officer from GovTech, Singapore, Thomas Beautyman, Deputy Director of Government Digital Capability, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom and Yousef Tuqan, Skills Transformation Consultant, Coursera will each present, followed by group discussion

[90 minutes]

Conclusions and summary

13:30 UTC

Summary, thanks and next steps

[15 minutes]



Luxmore Edwards

Director of Information Technology, Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Information, Antigua and Barbuda

Daniel Knight

Director of e-Government, Ministry of Information, Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Information, Antigua and Barbuda

Guido Picus

Program Lead, Futura Lab, Aruba

Reetha Parthiban

Senior Program Consultant, Public Health Agency, Canada

Yousef  Tuqan

Skills Transformation Consultant, Coursera

Lana Belas

Project Management and Digital Society Development Service leader, Sector for Security and Coordination of Digital Society Development, Central State Office, Croatia

Alena Klímová

Coordinator of eGovernment Department, Ministrty of Interior, Czech Republic

Khedr Talaat

Financial Regulator, Egyptian Financial Regulatory Authority, Egypt

Gilles Tauzin

Head of Delegation for Digital Transformation, Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, France

Matt Ross

Contributing Editor, Global Government Forum

Kevin Cunnington

Former Director General, Government Digital Service, United Kingdom and Advisor, Global Government Forum

Íris Huld Christersdóttir

Specialist in innovation, Ministry of Finance and economic affairs, Iceland

Vinay Thakur

Chief Operating Officer, National e-Governance Division, India

Rajendra Kumar

Additional Secretary of E-Governance Electronics and Information Technology, Department of Electronics and Information Technology, India

Éilis Mernagh

HR ICT Strategy Implementation Lead, Office of Government CIO, Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, Ireland

Marija Jankovic

Independent Adviser, Ministry of Public Administration, Digital Society and Media, Montenegro

Kendrick Lee

Director of National Digital Identity (Singpass) programme, Government Technology Agency of Singapore (govtech), Singapore

Evangeline Chua

Chief People Officer, GovTech, Singapore 

Monsak Socharoentum

Director of Data Innovation & Government, Institute Digital Government Development Agency,Thailand


Thomas beautyman

Deputy Director of Government Digital Capability, Cabinet Office, United Kingdom

Sara Vincent

Head of Design Strategy, Home Office, United Kingdom

Rhiannon Lawson

Head of Standards, Centre Public Digital Services, Wales

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